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NADIA: Now Available as Audiobook

Narrated by Selma Dučanović. Check out her brilliant storytelling via the link below!


ABOUT NADIA Nadia moves between the competing perspectives of two survivors of the 1990s Balkan Wars who have escaped to London, only to discover that the war has followed them there. Nadia is a young refugee who just wants to forget the past—until Iggy starts temping at her London office. Afraid he may be a sniper from the war she fled, Nadia starts seeing threats everywhere, alongside unsettling visions of her lost girlfriend, Sanja. As her volatile connection with Iggy unravels, Nadia is forced to face the ethically shaky choices she made to escape the war, her survivor guilt, and her disavowed queer sexuality. Christine Evans’s novel takes us to the recent past of a war that broke apart a European country and that presciently foreshadowed the rise of ethno-nationalism in the West. Tense, suspenseful, and mordantly funny, Nadia tracks the complex ways in which a past marked by political violence can shadow and disrupt the present. SEE LESS

Where to Find NADIA (Audiobook)

Published by Random House Audio on Sep 19, 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to experience "NADIA" in a whole new way. Listen to the sample from the audiobook by following this link.


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