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Three Marys Now Streaming

Watch Three Marys Streaming Now Available

The chamber opera Three Marys now available as free streaming video from the Sydney Opera House

Terror. Survival. Hope. Experience this hauntingly beautiful chamber opera, which tells the powerful story of three women’s journey at sea in exile from their homeland.

A dynamic new chamber opera for our times

A Green Room Music production. Presented by Sydney Opera House

(1h 19m) Available worldwide from 24th Sept 2023 to 24th Sept 2028.

Staged in the Playhouse for Unwrapped 2023, Three Marys melds music, myth and imagination to create a moving story of exile, survival and hope. An international collaboration by award-winning artists composer Andrée Greenwell and librettist Christine Evans, this fully staged chamber opera tells an intergenerational story of a family of women who must flee for their lives.

Inspired by the French medieval legend of the biblical Three Marys, the tale follows the perilous journey of Maria, Magdalena and Sarah-Marie as they are banished from their homeland and forced out to sea in an oarless boat. On their journey they encounter the opera’s Teen Chorus, the spirits of refugee children lost at sea – their memories and their names slipping away. Only Marzoug the fisherman is anchored to the land, by his promise to honour the stories of those thrown back by the ocean. He keeps watch.

Stripped to the raw elements of exile, the ocean, and survival, the women’s voices echo across the ages as people from all backgrounds still undertake desperate ocean journeys in search of refuge.

Stage directed by Angela Chaplin and conducted by Simon Kenway. (Premiere)


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